Good City Brewing

The Beginning of Good City Brewing

The two friends spend the next six years fulfilling their promise to each other and Milwaukee. Dan and David would take trips to other cities to pursue beer.

After all these trips, the two wanted to create something of their own that paid homage to Milwaukee’s beer history. Dan and David put their money where the mouth is, and Good City Brewing became official in June 2016.


Where is Good City Brewing Today?

Good City Brewing has four locations: Milwaukee’s East Side, Deer District, Wauwatosa, and Mequon. Visit Good City Brewing’s Mequon Public Market location at 6300 W Mequon Road or give them a call at (414) 539-4343 to learn more.


11am-8pm (Sun -Thurs)
11am-9pm (Fri & Sat)